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Company Profile

Thank you for visiting our website ,hope you interest in our products.As a professional manufacturer of audio products,with the professional R&D team,skilled workers and strict QC management,JIAXING KAIDA ELECTRONICS CO., striving every effort to engineering and perfectiong our products to meet different customers's requirements. The items and parameters shown in this website are some samples or products of ours,we are able to design and produce products as per customers'individual Tastes. As our continuing engineering efforts,the specifications and parameters shown in this website may change without advance notice.

Since our inception in 2009 KaiDa Electronic has been delivering Car Audio products engineered to exceed expectations.KaiDa power cable,speaker cable,amplifier kits and accessories are built around a single core value:give the consumer the absolute best performing products at a price point that our competitors cannot match.Quality and price are just two of the many benefits we have to offer thanks to our vertical integration.For 2013 we are introducing several new products that reinforce our core value in delivering unrivaled quality and performance that KaiDa is known for world wide.

At Kaida, we have the top mechanical and electrical engineers to do our cutting-edge product design. Our various products are designed to compete with international brands. When customers choose the products we produce in Kaida, you will get the most extreme audio and video experience, so our Kaida Electronics is your first choice.

2009established in

company establishment 14


Annual production of various audio accessories exceeds 2000 tons.


More than 50 employees in the company

Honorary qualifications

Our factory, JiaXing KaiDa Electronics Co., Ltd, get customer all around the world.

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Provide OEM and customized services

Our factory, JiaXing KaiDa Electronics Co., Ltd, get customer all around the world. Both from USA、Mexico、Brazil、Australia、Southeast Asian and Europe. As all know to our customers, quality first is our principle. At KaiDa, we invest in top audio and electrical engineers that meticulously push the limits of product design. What you will end up when choosing products from KaiDa is Car Audio that simply sound better and play more wonderful. At KaiDa,we understand that you have a choice.Therefore,although we pride ourselves on our superior products, there is an even better reason for you choosing KaiDa.That reason is we also strive to provide the best customer service possible. Our goal is simply to provide users of KaiDa products the ultimate audio experience. Take your audio system to the next level and experience what KaiDa has to offer!!

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