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How many opportunities do cable enterprises have?

2019-10-22 14:02:49 Jiaxing Kaida Electronics Co.,Ltd Read

In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, the demand for special cables has increased dramatically. The demand for special cables in shipbuilding, railway, aircraft, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear power and other industries is increasing year by year. Due to the expansion of the whole market capacity, special cables also ushered in good development opportunities: the annual demand for oil exploration and drilling platforms is more than 15000 km; the demand for high-speed rail is more than 37300 km...... For example, railway signal cable, marine cable, automobile wire, mine cable, aircraft cable and other special cables are growing at the rate of tens of thousands of kilometers every year.

Compared with ordinary cables, the competition of special cable industry is more orderly and has a broader prospect. Because special cables are different from conventional cables, they need to be used for specific purposes in specific occasions, requiring high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, termite resistance, corrosion resistance and even radiation resistance. In short, high technology content, new application fields and high entry threshold are also conducive to the development and improvement of enterprises.

At present, the demand for special cables in China is increasing at the rate of nearly 20% every year. The development of special cable enterprises is in the ascendant, on the one hand, the competition of ordinary cables is intensified, on the other hand, the special cables are in the ascendant. Facing the new pattern of cable market, how to grasp the opportunity and seize the first opportunity has become a new topic in front of wire and cable enterprises.

The State advocates energy conservation, emission reduction and green development, which also provides new development opportunities for special cables. For example, the construction of national smart grid, from planning, demonstration to step-by-step implementation, each step is inseparable from special cables. However, the large-scale transformation of urban and rural power grids, the application of high-voltage and ultra-high voltage cables, the construction of new energy power stations and the special needs of other emerging fields also inject vigorous development vitality into the special cable industry.

The increasing domestic demand has brought a huge market to the special cable industry. The integration with the international market will give special cable industry opportunities. With China's accession to the WTO and becoming a world factory, the pace of integration of domestic economy and the world is gradually accelerating. The vision of special cable enterprises has also been shifted from domestic to international.

As the development of special cables in Europe and America started more than half a century earlier than in China, they are in a relatively leading position both in experience and technology. However, China's special cables are also catching up very fast, such as military special shielded cables, silane crosslinked wires and cables for aerospace, high temperature and high conductivity transmission cables, etc., which have now got rid of foreign technology monopoly. "In terms of cables with special use and structure, China may still have a gap with Europe and the United States, but in terms of high temperature resistance, green insulation and environmental protection, and functional cables, we can almost equal with foreign countries.

In the face of broad development prospects and fierce market competition, the special cable industry is in urgent need of a development path suitable for itself. In the 12th Five Year Plan, the state has put forward new requirements and support for the special cable industry, which also provides an opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the special cable industry. As a high-tech representative in the cable industry, special cables can continuously improve the technological content of products and the core competitiveness of the market only through innovation driven and technology * *.

At present, there are more than 500 domestic enterprises engaged in the production of special cables. Although some enterprises in the province, such as Henan Huatai special cable, have been able to enter the domestic advanced level in terms of technical equipment, detection means, capital strength, product performance, etc., the technical level of the special cable industry is still lack of competitiveness in the world as a whole.

The embarrassment of insufficient technology and capacity cannot be ignored. Take high-speed rail and oil drilling platforms for example, the annual capacity gap reaches tens of thousands of kilometers. At the same time, the capacity of supporting special cables for new energy technologies such as thermal radiation and photovoltaic is also seriously insufficient. According to a person in charge of special cables in the province, the start of special cables in China is different from that of ordinary cables, which also leads to the lack of specialization in related fields. In the vacant market, competitors will not give way to each other. Only by filling in the gaps through innovation can they resist the pressure and expand market space and enterprise competitiveness in the current situation.

The secret of the success of special cable lies in technology and technology. Raw materials have always been a bottleneck restricting the development of special cables. The annual output of wires and cables in China's cable industry is about 4.4 million tons of copper and 2 million tons of aluminum.

According to statistics, China's annual cable output value has exceeded trillion yuan, of which copper core cable accounts for 97%. Such a huge amount of copper has brought a certain support to the copper price, and the production cost of cable manufacturing enterprises has remained high. Once the international copper price fluctuates, domestic special cable manufacturers will also be affected. This requires us to find relevant alternative products.

Today, with the sharp fluctuation of copper price, high strength and high conductivity rare earth copper alloy has become a new type of high conductivity material. Through hot rolling, solution treatment, cold rolling, aging and other processes, the comprehensive properties of the alloy have reached a balance, and its conductivity, tensile strength and hardness are significantly improved compared with the traditional technology; "two feet walk better than one foot." While the special cable industry continues to maintain and develop copper cables, it also conducts research on large-scale production of new materials, solves post technological innovation from raw materials, while enterprises still need to work hard on standardization.

Throughout the world's leading cable enterprises, they all master the international standards. If China's special cable wants to win the initiative position and obtain greater development in the international competition, it must use collective strength.